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Academia Fonética opened its doors in 2005. We are located in the centre of Alpedrete, a small town in the mountains to the north of Madrid. We pride ourselves on our variety of quality courses and programmes and we work with a team of experienced, native teachers. We offer fun and diverse programmes, using the latest audio-visual technology in our classrooms.


Here at Fonética we pride ourselves on our variety of quality English courses, which appeal to students of all ages, from 5 to over 60. Our academy is divided into 3 departments: Fonética kids, Teenagers and Adults. It is greatly satisfying to see our ex-alumni working and studying all over the world, from Australia and the United States to many European countries.


Our fun, interactive courses are designed to make our students aware of their linguistic identity and their growing proficiency in English. We use a wide range of classroom activities and resources to develop the speaking and literacy skills of our  students. We gratefully acknowledge the enthusiasm, commitment and expertise of not only our centre teachers but also our guest language support teachers.

Our Teachers  

Our centre educators are experienced teachers with advanced degrees who employ the most recent advances in second language methodology. They frequently incorporate current, culturally relevant articles and multimedia materials to supplement regular assignments.

"I feel very comfortable in the class so I enjoy speaking more. The teachers are very nice. They are kind and help me. I enjoy the speaking activities that we do and the songs."




"The English I learnt at Fonética was very useful for me because now I am working and studying in London. I hope to take my CPE next year. Thank you so much Natalie!”




"My job requires me to travel abroad and make presentations in English to colleagues from different countries. After two years of studying at Fonética, I am a much more confident speaker. However, I still need to work on those phrasal verbs!”



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