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Nuestro tablón justo en la entrada de la academia !

Banksy es el seudónimo de un prolífico artista del street art británico. Nació en Bristol, en 1975. Aunque los datos acerca de su identidad son inciertos y se desconocen detalles de su biografía.
Estas son algunas de sus piezas junto a las interpretaciones de nuestros alumnos :

"This work of art by Banksy can be seen in Bristol. Banksy is famous for the black humour in his art. At first it was just the logo of Star Wars and a storm strooper. Also, the logo is modified to read"stop wars". You then realize the storm trooper looks disgusted with the actual wars."

Jesús Palacios

"Inthis work of art a quote appears: "enjoy your life". But the letter "f" has been crossed outin red by a boy whois standing to the left of the picture. You can find it between two treew. Maybe Banksy wants to say that our live are full of lies and we should live a true life. I thinkweshould think about this piece of work and relate it with our lives and how we live them."

Laura Lozoya

"This Banksy picture illustrates a little girl watering a red heart. This work of art wants to teach you to not to be afraid of showing your feelings to the people you love. Love is natural, it is nothing to be ashamedof. It also shows that sometimes a heart needs a littlelove and attention to recover fromapainful stage of life. "Let love grow is painted in Gellington, New Zealand."

Alejandra Mira

Armored Dove of Peace

"This stunning picture, painted by Banksy and some other street artists, is drawn on a building in Bethlehem and is considered part of his Palestinian art collection.

In this work of art you can see the dove of peace with a bulletproof jacket and also a bull´s eye drawn over it´s heart; which obviouslyis criticisim of this war troubled area.

Graciela Ezcurra.

"This work of art is about Muhammed Ali. This famous boxer died in 2016. The graffiti is a tribute to him, because for certain people, he was the best athlet in history. In the graffiti, you can see Muhammed when he beat Multikulti (the reigning champ), and one sentence that he used to say all the time. In adittion, you can see a butterfly, because it´s a reference to his catchphrase "float likeabutterfly, sting like a bee".

Javier Pulido.



"English has defenetely changed my life!

Having the Advanced English Exam enabled me to go on Erasmus to England Exeter ! I could study the whole year Economics in English and felt really proud of my ability to comunicate and interactwith differentcultures without any difficulty.

Thisyear gave my life a push and made me realize that I want to work outside Spain which Ican through my degree and my level of English.

Afterthis experience I didnt have to wait long tofind a new chance to put my abilities into practice. I had one of my first jobs here in the academy and I am moving to Amsterdam!

So here I´m going to practice more and more english and I´ll move out of my comfort zone! 

Studyenglish and don´t stop travelling! "

Blanca López Rubio

"I´ve been studying English here since I was in primary school and that has allowed me to meet new friends, travel and be able to comunicate in other countries and access a lot more entertainment such as filmsor cideogames that haven´tbeen translated in to my language;

So in my case, English has change my life a lot,and I hope that these changes continue for a long time so I would be able to travel a lot more and meet a lot of wonderful people all around the world, and that´s something I could never do without knowing this wonderful language."

Nora Rodriguez.

"English classes have made me moreresponsible and have improved my communication with the outside world.

English classes are going to open more opportunities in the future for me.

I´ve also made many good friends who have the same objectives as me.

My English improves class by class and I´ve been learning more stuff than I could ever have imagined."


"English is going to be important in my future because I´ll needit for my future job.

I am goingto study an engineering degree and if I go to work to another country, I´ll need Englishto speak.

Furthermore, I like English because it is the most imporatnt languaje in the world. I say this becauseif you go to any country, you are able to speak in English to lotsof people.

Finally, I like travelling and i need this languaje to speakand understand people."


"English is a great language in which everyoneshould be involved.

Knowing english is such a great opportunity to make friends abroad and meet new people with different cultures due to the fact that it is the most spoken language in the world.

Also, English has helped me since I found out degrees in this language are far more useful for finding jobs,than doing themin myown language.

It´s a great opportunity!"


"English is now one of the most spoken languages ni theworld and there are so many benefits you can obtain by learning it, such as being able to understandmost people from countries you travel to.

Indeed, if you are a student thinking about your profesional future, you should make sure you know how to speak and write in Englishproperly,because it is a must whenyou apply for studying abroad or doing an "Erasmus".

In my case, English has allowed me to know the meaning of my favourite songs and to enjoy watching Tv series from US and the UK.

Also,it has become a great tool for interacting online."

Mario Carnicer Mira.

Some Christmas crafts !


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